We know it’s important to safely install your solar energy system. That’s why only licensed professionals will ever be on your roof.

We know it may seem complicated to get started.

You can enjoy a seamless transition to solar.

3 ways an Arosa solar energy system makes your business stronger

  • Eliminate or lower your electric bill
  • Earn income from credits
  • Leverage your tax incentives

We’re Here To Serve You

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Enjoy a seamless transition to solar in 3 simple steps

  • 1 Contact us now
    Tell us about your business or other commercial properties. We’ll begin designing the perfect solar system to fit.
  • 2 Design, build, install
    Arosa’s engineers will design your system. During installation, only licensed experts will be on your roof.
  • 3 Reap the rewards
    Tax incentives lower your up-front investment, your electric bills will shrink, and your system will produce SRECs for years.

Let’s get started today

Contact us now, and let’s begin the job of designing and delivering the perfect solar energy system for your commercial property.