The 6-Step Arosa Installation Process

Site Visit

Our structural and electrical engineers visit your site and evaluate your custom installation plan. We make sure everything is ready for installation.

Application Submissions

We submit an interconnection request to your local utility company so we may be granted permission to connect your solar energy system to your local utility company’s grid. We also submit permit applications to your local municipal authorities.

Staging & Planning

We prepare a staging plan for the installation at your site. We include staging requirements for all equipment needed for installation. We make sure everything is ready, so you experience a seamless transition to solar.

Equipment Delivery & Installation

All equipment is delivered to your project site. Under normal weather and other operating conditions, we begin laying out approximately 200 panels per week. We also begin installation of inverters, optimizers, and electrical switchgear as needed.


Once your system is installed, local municipal inspections will be conducted by the proper authorities. In addition, the final interconnection with your local utility company will be applied for.

System Energized

We energize your system and then monitor it for 2 to 3 days to ensure the system is performing properly. Now you can start enjoying all the benefits of an Arosa Solar Energy System.


Businesses Investing in an Arosa Solar Energy System

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